Brewing Tea

Greetings! This is AFK Tea's guide to steeping our loose leaf teas.

Tea steeping instructions are similar to the Pirate Code: they're more like guidelines. Some teas need cooler water, some need longer steep times, but personal preference is equally important. For example, some tea aficionados will condemn drinking certain teas with milk or sugar (not without reason), but if your brew tops your taste bud's DPS charts, why tweak the rotation? Use these instructions and taste along the way to find what you enjoy.


Dwarven Gunpowder: 1 tsp per 6 OZ of water (160-176 F). First steep is 1-3 minutes. These leaves, like many others, are good for 3-5 infusions. Add 30 seconds for each subsequent brewing. Enjoy straight.

Golden Leaf: 1 tsp per 6-8 OZ of water (180-190 F). Steep 2-3 minutes, tasting along the way. Can be steeped more than once! Enjoy straight.

Battle Chai: 1 heaping tsp per 8 OZ of water (200 F). Steep 5-10 minutes. Add milk and sugar to taste.

Second Breakfast: 1 tsp per 6 OZ of water (194 F or higher). Steep 3-5 minutes. Recommend milk, sugar, lemon, and even mint to taste.

Darjeeling, Second Flush: 1 tsp per 6 OZ of water (180-195 F or cooler). Steep 2-4 minutes. Drink straight or with lemon. 

Mana Pot: 1 tsp per 4 OZ of water (160-170 F). Steep 1-2 minutes. Enjoy straight (eat something savory with this tea to highlight the natural sweetness).

Earl Gray: 1 tsp per 6-8 OZ of water (194 F or higher). Steep 3-5 minutes, but taste at 4. Enjoy with milk or sugar.


*Servings per bag vary based on individual serving and steeping preferences and reusability of certain leaves.