Where does AFK Tea source their products?

AFK Tea is sourced from various farms and wholesalers around the globe. Everything we offer was carefully selected to ensure a quality and ethical offering. None of our teas are drop shipped. Our goal is to eventually only source tea directly from farms. We believe we have a responsibility to work with the farms who produce these products and give back to those who make this pleasure (and our business) possible. The same for when we begin roasting coffee. In recent years there have been more and more talks about the first world profiting from the third world in that industry. We want to be one of the many companies who have worked hard to be more than just a profiteer off imported beans and leaves.

Where do you ship?

AFK Tea ships to anywhere in the world! Most continental U.S. locations ship for around $3 (USPS First Class). For international orders, we cap our international shipments at $13 and cover the rest of the cost. Eventually, we hope to move enough to make domestic shipping free and reduce international shipping to half the current rate.

Do you sell tea bags, herbal teas, or decaffeinated tea?

Soon! Regarding tea bags, our products currently come in loose leaf form only, but tea bags are on the way! Herbal teas and decaf teas are being evaluated. We'll launch them when we've found a selection that we're happy to offer our customers.

How many servings are in your 2 oz. packages?

Servings depend on cup size/amount of water used, individual preference, and re-usability of each tea leaf. Most of our teas can be steeped multiple times, often exceeding the 28 serving average of each package. Our bottom line be damned, we highly recommend multiple steepings and getting every bit of juice out of your leaves!

I've never steeped loose leaf tea before! How do I do it?

Steeping tea is an easy and often enjoyable experience. All you need is water, a steeper or kettle/filter, and your favorite mug. Ex: with the individual serving steeper, you'll place the steeper in your mug with the right amount of leaves and pour the proper temperature water over, steeping for the recommended time until done. Detailed information for each tea can be found on our How to Tea page!

What are the benefits of loose leaf tea vs pre-packaged bags?

Loose leaf tea is the best way to experience the beverage. Commercial tea bags are filled with dust and fannings (basically crap, a somber whimper in comparison to what that tea could have been). Proper loose leaf tea is the full expression of the plant, giving the drinker more complex tastes and aromas than what the commercial counterpart is capable of presenting. Pyramid bags are an acceptable alternative to the loose leaf tea as they give more surface area for the tea to steep and often contain premium loose-leaf ingredients in an individual serving size.